Helps reduce leave conflicts and staffing issues

Tipsoi HRM leave management simplifies the process of requesting, approving, and tracking employee leave, guaranteeing compliance, precision, and productivity.

Increases transparency in leave management

Empower your team with Tipsoi HRM's user-friendly leave management system

Leave request process

Who can request leave, how to request leave.

Types of leave policies managed

Sick leave, vacation leave, personal leave, etc.

Leave approval process

Who approves leave, and how leave is approved?

Leave tracking and management

Recording leave is taken, and calculating leave balances.

Reporting and analytics

Leave trends, absenteeism rates, etc.


Mobile-friendly, remote access

Enables better planning and forecasting for HR and management

Customer Reviews

4.8 Out of 5

I was amazed at the promptness of the responses from the first day.
ICT Division

5 Out of 5

It’s not just, but many features that are helping us as an organization.
Action Against Hunger

4.5 Out of 5

Leave, attendance, and timesheet maintenance are really remarkable.
Brac Bank