Track, Analyze, and Improve Attendance

Advanced Reporting & Employee Attendance Analytics  is the process of using data analysis to track, monitor, and gain insights into employee attendance patterns and trends, helping organizations optimize productivity and reduce absenteeism.

Detailed Attendance Report

Insights that drive better attendance

Supports informed decision-making for scheduling and staffing.

Tracks attendance patterns and trends.

Reduces costs associated with absenteeism and overtime.

Improves employee engagement and satisfaction.

Attendance trends that inform decision-making

Smarter workforce management with attendance analytics

Optimize scheduling with attendance data

Identifies attendance issues and root causes.

Customer Reviews

4.8 Out of 5

I was amazed at the promptness of the responses from the first day.
ICT Division

5 Out of 5

It’s not just, but many features that are helping us as an organization.
Action Against Hunger

4.5 Out of 5

Leave, attendance, and timesheet maintenance are really remarkable.
Brac Bank