What is Payroll Management? How does Payroll Management System help HR?

Imagine owning a small business with three employees: Alice, Bob, and Carol. Indeed, each month, you need to pay your employees for their work hours. Firstly, you would collect and...
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Casual Leave

What is Casual Leave? How to Ask for Casual Leave?

In terms of casual leave, this is a type of time off from work that you are able to take if you need to take care of something important that...
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Top 10 HR software in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, and its business sector is rapidly expanding. As a result, the need for effective Human Resource (HR) software in Bangladesh...
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Inovace Technologies is one of the leading IoT companies in Bangladesh who are well known for their expertise in Biometrics, software development and industrial solution development. But the product/solution that...
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Tips & Tricks to Get The Best HR Software in Bangladesh (2023)

Tips and Tricks to Get the Best HR Software in Bangladesh (2023)

When finding the best HR software in Bangladesh for your company, you and your team must consider all the essential factors. Indeed, it is a crucial decision requiring much due...
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